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Badminton Click

Yonex Badminton Rackets

Yonex is the world leader in badminton racket technology. They improve every aspect of their badminton rackets (from materials, right up to design) to get you optimal performance. 

Avoid the Fake! There are many "cheap" and fake Yonex imitations out there, avoid those as they can break in game and injure you or other players.

BadmintonClick is a Yonex Authorised reseller, with professional Yonex certified stringers. We will custom string your racket to make sure it suits your style of play.

Our entire team are badminton players who are passionate about the game so we only recommend things that help you improve performance, safety and injury prevention, we aren't your general "sports store".

On Choosing a Yonex Racket: Yonex has different designs for different styles of play, we suggest selecting one that suits your style. 

Yonex Nanoray - Designed for speed and enhanced repulsion to get your shots right to the back of the court
Yonex Arcsaber - Designed for Ultimate precision, aim for wins
Yonex Duora - Cutting edge technology, allowing BOTH powerful forehands and fast backhand speed, suitable for fast play. 
Yonex Voltric - Designed for incredible power and speed, best for "all-round" players
Yonex Astrox - Suitable for all players who want to dominate their game with speed and fast rallies