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Victor Jetspeed S YYS (88 grams Normal Weight) Badminton Racket

Victor Jetspeed S YYS (88 grams Normal Weight) Badminton Racket

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  • Limited Edition model released exclusively for world no.1 men'd doubles player Yoo Yeon Seong
  • The Jetspeed S YYS is designed to suit the playing style of the world champion
  • Maximise your performance in men's doubles with this smashing machine!
  • The specs of the YYS allows you to hit canon-like smashes from the rear court while being able to fire machine gun-like drives from he mid court.
  • The YYS has a super thin shaft at only 6.6mm; greatly reduces air drag and allows you to have quicker swings
  • Recommended for players looking to be All Rounder on the court
  • Comes with a Limited Edition JS YYS cover


Shaft Flexibility: S ○○●○○ F

Racket Response Indicator: 

Balance Point: HH ○○●○○ HL

Frame Material: Ultra High Modulus Graphite + CSR

Shaft Material: Ultra High Modulus Graphite + 6.6 SHAFT

Weight: 3U (88 grams)

Grip Size: G5 (Small)



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