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Astrox 22 Lightest Badminton Racquet 68 grams

Astrox 22 Lightest Badminton Racquet 68 grams

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Shaft Flexibility: Stiff

Balance Point: Rotational

Frame Material: H.M. GRAPHITE/Tungsten/

Shaft Material: H.M. Graphite/NANOMESH NEO

Weight: 2F (68 grams)

Grip Size: G5 (Small)

Color: Matte Black


The Astrox Technology (Rotational Generator System), Hybrid Balanced and Power 

The Yonex Astrox concept is simple but revolutionary. In simple terms, weights are allocated to the top and bottom of the Astrox racket. When stationary, it feels like a 'Balanced Racket' as the weights counter each other. As you swing the racket (especially a large swing), the Astrox feels like a 'Head Heavy' racket because as you swing, you'll feel the weight at the top of the frame simply because the swing motion at the top of the racket is larger than the motion at the bottom of the racket. As you finish swinging, the racket becomes a 'Balanced Racket' again as both weights at the top and bottom counter weighs each other again. 

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