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Li Ning Windstorm Code 200 (88 grams)

Li Ning Windstorm Code 200 (88 grams)

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  • 2016 middle range Li Ning badminton racket
  • Sleek design with matte finish painting
  • Head light balance suits players looking for better racket control in their games.
  • Overall weight of the racket (88 grams) helps you maintain a good strong smash despite the lightness of the racket head
  • Suitable for all level of play
  • Recommended for doubles
  • Comes with a Full Li Ning cover case


Composition: Carbon Fiber

Color: Purple

Shaft Flexibility: Medium

Weight: W3 (88 grams)

Balance Point: 285mm (Head Light)

Max Recommended Tension: 26lbs


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