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Yonex Voltric 0.7DG Badminton Racquet (Head Heavy Durable Grade)

Yonex Voltric 0.7DG Badminton Racquet (Head Heavy Durable Grade)

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High Modulus Graphite; High Tension Frame up to 35lbs

Not very often you see Yonex guarantee their rackets up to 35lbs of string tension. Using high modulus graphite in this mid range series, the Yonex Voltric 0.7DG offers you a heavy yet responsive racquet frame, designed to deliver heavy smashes. 

Head Heavy Balance

The normal weight specification (83 grams) of the racquet couple with its Head Heavy balance is the right combination for physically stronger players, who play an aggressive game of badminton. 

Full Matte Finish Design 

The sleek matte finish on the Yonex Voltric 0.7DG plus its cool dark colour definitely gives the racket a bonus in terms of design.


Shaft Flexibility: Stiff

Balance Point: Head Heavy

Frame Material: H.M. GRAPHITE

Shaft Material: H.M. GRAPHITE

Weight: 3U (88 grams)

Grip Size: G5 (Small)


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